Timing closure in a matter of days, with the aid of patented flow that need fewer respins


One tool does not fit all designs

We dont use jackhammer to remove a tile. Tools and methodologies are customized to achieve design goals

Custom built tools and flows but at 1/10th price of major vendors


Tougher design goals should not lead to more licenses

Not all EDA companies are created equal. We pride ourselves in creating tools that are able to meet timing and power QOR quicker than anybody else in the industry. Yet our license prices don’t reflect that. Why? Simple. We love what we do. Our passion to create best in class unparalleled hardware drives us everyday.

Don’t use the same tools to solve different problems

Physical design gets incredibly complex at lower technology nodes. Especially when you add stringent timing constraints in addition to manufacturing constraints. Industry standard tools cannot provide a pushbutton solution. Iterative solutions are cumbersome and most of all expensive. Our proven expertise in this domain, makes us navigate these complexities with ease, with very few iterations.


Predictable PD comes from predictable synthesis. Our tools deep dive in to the rtl to better understand the needs of the design


Our state of the art hierarchical flow guarantees unmatched QOR, which is only possible now by manual intervention even in big design houses


Coupling aware, variation aware timing analysis throught the design flow from synthesis to routing


We perform thorough RTL and physical verification matches Industry’s best golden sigoff tools

Customer Driven

We work hand in hand with the customers,to custom fit the tools to each and every customer need

Dont spend millions of $$$$ and months on end

You don’t have to run vendor tools hundreds of times to meet design goals. Tell us what is needed and we custom fit the tool or even the algorithm to achieve it. We don’t charge a penny extra


DFM Routing tools – R&D

Location – San Jose

More than 10 years experience – lead as a designer or a tool owner owning high speed blocks or must have architected a tool from ground up Apply

Physical design – Flows and Methodology

Location –  Bangalore

Experience in any of the scripting languages Running tools and ability to work around issues, despite tool flaws Experience with vendor tools preffered


Location – Bangalore

Experience in DC or similar synthesis tool. Thorough understanding of timing issues and ways to fix in RTL Generating incremental ECO’s to fix setup time and hold time violations


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